Everyone would love to have thick, glorious locks of hair like their favorite celebrity. Unfortunately for us, Angelina Jolie and Sophia Vergara hair goals are just a dream…. Or are they? Studio 207’s owner and stylist, Andi, has recently begun pursuing her own dream of helping women (and men) of all ages with their hair woes. With the help of professionals in Fort Lauderdale and the international hair show in Orlando, Andi is continually gaining knowledge that the majority of stylists lack, the art of HAIR ENHANCEMENT. Whether you just want to have a low-maintenance option of throwing on a wig after the gym, or you struggle with the devastation of hair loss, be assured that you will find comfort here with the girls of Studio 207.


                    * CLIP IN'S                                                                                                              CALL                

                       *HALO'S                                                                                                                 FOR A

                     *TAPE IN"S                                                                                                  CONSULTATION                                                                                                                                                                           TODAY!

              * GREAT LENGTH'S                                                                                        

            *SEW IN BEADED ROWS


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133 N 2nd St

 Fort Pierce, Florida 34950